for a high quality product. Efficient, economical and robust.

The WiPa flat die press type WPP with its groundbreaking innovations enables the automatic pelletizing process with the most diverse materials.

Outstanding processing variety

  • Powders
  • Fibers
  • Paste-like materials, e.g. food or animal feed
  • Chemicals
  • Plastic film waste
  • Fiber waste
  • Foam refuse
  • Wood shavings
  • Wood chips
  • Paper and cardboard waste
  • Textiles
  • Fabrics
  • Pulp and cellulose
  • Dust of all kind
  • Metals, like aluminium and copper


The automatic distance adjustment between the rollers and the die surface enables the shifting of the material friction process (with heat factor) to compacting, taking place not in the die holes, but already in the compacting chamber. This makes possible changes in quality of the pellets during the operation. Furthermore, such friction displacement eliminates the necessity of exchanging the dies, adjusting the thickness of the dies, needed for fixed quality of the pellets. With the automatic distance adjustment pelletizing process can be performed which generates a homogenous final pellet out of various input materials. An important issue for the pellet and granule quality. Due to the friction conditions, material decomposition of the composite materials is possible, which is otherwise difficult to achieve. The latter process takes place predominantly with short die holes of 10 – 16 mm.


The speed of the rollers is fully automatic controlled, synchronously with the feed. Recipe preselection for a specified PELLET quality. Recipes enable a variable material distribution between the rollers and variable material strokes in the die and ensure constant pellet quality.

DIE COOLING (optional)

If the temperature is exceeded, cooling system with an adjustable range of the die is switched on automatically. If the material pressure between the roller and the die, e.g. while processing wood, paper or biowaste, does not fall to the predefined level, a liquid/ water mist spraying device with an adjustable dosage can be switched on automatically. Additionally, different liquids which reinforce pelletizing can be added to the process.

COOLING (optional)

  • Zuschaltung der Matrizen-Kühlvorrichtung nach Temperaturvorgabebereich
  • Zuschaltung von Wassernebelvorrichtung

PELLET LENGTH (optional)

The speed of the scraper located underneath the die can be adjusted smoothly, whereby different individual lengths of the pellets can be determined.


An automatic function monitoring with oil cooling, overload protection with soft start, including reversing control of the roller head is standard. The uniform dosage of the material is done by a round silo with a discharge taper and shaftless, performance-controlled discharge screw.


Drive motor: 15-250 KW

Drive unit: elektric/mechanic or hydraulic/mechanic

Die diameter: 300-1800 mm

Roller diameter: 185-730 mm

Pellet diameter: 3 – 30 mm

Pellet length: 1 – 100 mm (optional with variable height adjustment)

Weight: approx. 850 – 12.950 Kg

Throughput rate approx. 100 – 5000 Kg/h Input

(Bulk density and pellet diameter dependent)