Worldwide Sales and Support network

WiPa offers extensive maintenance and spare part services throughout the world. With the support and sales teams of our worldwide representatives and subsidiaries, WiPa customer can be ensured of service and care around the clock and around the world. As a result, machine downtimes are kept to an absolute minimum. Our support teams and their representatives are regularly trained in operating and maintenance of WiPa products.

Our worldwide Sales and Support network is to your benefit:

  • Minimal downtimes due to contact person locally
  • Contact and service in native language
  • Support teams arrive on site quickly

Spare parts

Quick delivery of spare parts is ensured due to the spare part warehouses on 3 continents (Asia, North America and Europe), each with several locations, as well as support by our country representatives and subsidiaries. As WiPa customer, you can also easily check availability and delivery times for spare parts via WiPa Care Portal on our home page.

Additionally, we also have a well-equipped spare part warehouse for equipment of other manufacturers, ensuring the shortest delivery times.

Spare parts for

  • Granulators and shredders – knives, filters
  • Plast compactors – disks, kneading bars, screws, disk adjustment
  • Extruders – screws, granulation blades and nozzles
  • Washing line components, e.g. centrifugal wash systems or dryers – filters, blades, paddles, screws

Operator training

We offer training for your operators, either directly on the WiPa equipment installed on your site, or in our technical centre in Germany.

Technical centre

To accommodate our customers´ needs and requirements, WiPa’s head office in Stadtlohn, Germany offers an extensive technical centre where the training and trials with our equipment and your material can be performed. We can find the optimal solution for your application, either in crushing, separating, washing, drying, agglomerating or pelletizing field. We test and analyse with you, so that none of issues or questions remain unresolved.

Support and Customer service

WiPa also offers an extensive maintenance and inspection service for recycling facilities of customers who do not have their own mechanics, electricians or technicians.

Please send your support request to:

Telephone:        0049 25 63 – 205 85-29