WiPa offers extruder and granulating equipment for a variety of plastics and synthetic materials.

WiPa Extruder Type PME

The ever-increasing demand for high quality commercial and innovative processing of plastics, synthetic materials and particularly of its waste requires the advanced single-screw granulation equipment, conceived for optimal performance whilst keeping investment and operational costs at a minimum.

The WiPa PME series ensures maximum plasticization capacity and excellent homogeneity. This enables cost-efficient granulation such as compounding, colouring, alloying, filling, strengthening, as well as re-granulation. WiPa PME granulation equipment is universally deployable, reliable and flexible, ensuring a commercially viable solution for processing high-grade technical plastics and synthetics.

  • Degassing takes place by means of powerful vacuum pumps
  • Both cylinder and screw can be deployed for a wide range of processing applications
  • Touchscreen control on the machine
  • The equipment is available with hot die face, strand granulation, water ring and under water granulation systems
  • Compact and modular design that can be expanded at any time
  • The feed bush can be tempered and exchanged as and when needed
  • The screw can be designed according to your requirements
  • The cylinder is heated with long-life ceramic heating elements, thus ensuring optimal temperature supply
  • Due to the modular system, the intake part is customizable to specific needs and can be added to or modified at any time
  • All electrical and electronic elements are integrated in the base:
    • no unnecessary wiring and adjustments on site
    • compact design reduces the space requirements
  • Extensive range of peripheral equipment