WiPa Screw press Type SP

The WiPa screw press type SP is used for dewatering of plastics and synthetic materials.

The process

The wet materials are continuously fed into a screw, which presses them into a perforated and tapered channel. The tapering is controlled automatically by means of a hydraulic device. The water leaves the screw over a collecting channel.


The WiPa screw press type SP provides an effective and energy-saving dewatering solution. At a throughput of over 1.000 kg/hour, a residual moisture rate of less than 10% can be achieved with only 23.5 kW.


The WiPa screw press type SP is controlled fully automatically via sensors and intelligent software, ensuring that throughput and residual moisture remain constant.


  • Effective and energy-saving separation of large volumes of liquids
  • The screw can be changed easily
  • Screen elements are easy to replace and can be adjusted to the materials being processed