WiPa Guillotine cutters Type WGA / WGAD

WiPa continuous guillotine cutters have been especially designed to shred fibres and textiles. Additionally, they can also process films, foils, fleece and nonwovens.

Material feed

Materials can be fed into the guillotine cutter manually or by means of a specially conceived feeding device. Various feeding devices are available for different materials, including bulky materials such as bales of fibres, cables, ropes etc.

The process

The materials are put onto the feed conveyor of the machine, either manually or via a feeding device installed ahead of the unit. The conveyor transfers the materials to a compression device, which compresses the materials and moves them towards the knives. The knife mechanism consists of one moving and one stationary knife, and has a very precise cut, ensuring a clean cutting edge.

  • The cutting gap can be adjusted by 2 handwheels during operation
  • The cutting length can be adjusted from 10 mm to 200 mm
  • Cutting width: 600 mm
  • Maximum thickness of the input materials to be processed: 180 mm
  • Maximum loading thickness: 500 mm
  • Cutting speed: around 200 cuts/minute
  • Throughput capacity up to 2.500 kg/hr, depending on material density
  • Feeding devices for a wide variety of materials are available