The WP series disc pulverizers are equipped with one fixed and one high-speed-running toothed discs including precision bearings. The material is fed through an opening in the center of the fixed disc. The grain size is determined by the surface structure of the teeth and by the adjustable distance between the toothed discs. The cutting opening can be checked through inspection holes in the housing. This allows for an easy adjustment with a feeler gauge from outside of the unit. The unit is operated without a screen.

The WP series pulverizer is designed for pulverizing rigid and soft PVC as well as LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, and different types of plastics, etc. Almost all types of plastic can be pulverized up to 500 microns.




  • Specially designed segmented discs
  • Adjustment of the gap between the discs arranged externally
  •  Housing made from fracture-resistant welded steel. Housing door with the fixed toothed disc can be opened for cleaning and disc replacement.
  • Well-designed with a small cross-section and a flat, almost vertically mounted pulverizing disc. The material is gripped and reduced immediately upon being fed into the grinding chamber.
  • Intense cooling device for controlling the temperature automatically, consisting of a spray nozzle for cooling water, regulating controls, solenoid valves, thermostats and automatic control, material feed switch.
  • Integrated run down safety device preventing access until the rotor has reached a complete standstill.
  • Via a dosing channel, storage container of approx. 50 liters, with two indicators showing full and empty level. Feed is regulated by a high ampere control, which monitors the pulverizer’s engine consumption.
  • Support equipment such as metal separator, vibro screening machine, etc.



  • Low thermal stress on the processing application
  • Heavy duty design 
  • Easy maintenance and operation 
  • Cooling process for heat- sensitive materials 
  • High throughput rates
  • Low cost effective operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Powder quality according to specification





Motor (kW)

Weight (kg)

Throughput *

Pulverizer WP 30




up to 250

Pulverizer WP 50




up to 500

Pulverizer WP 80




up to 1000


* Specification may variate due to material caracteristics