Operational reliability and full availability, as well as robustness and strong construction,  are the main features of our products. Discover significant innovations and experience convincing state-of-the-art technology.

  • Granulators
  • Profile and pipe granulators
  • Special Granulators
  • Low Speed Granulators
  • Hammer Mills
  • Continuous Guillotines
  • Guillotines
  • Shredders


WIPA Granulator Type G

  • The WiPa granulators of the G series are compact and robust machinery for size reduction of different products from the plastics processing industry.

WiPa Low Speed Granulator Type GLS

  • The WiPa granulators of the GLS series are developed  as beside machines for example for injection molding applications. 

WiPa High Speed Granulator Type GHS

  • The WiPa granulators of the GHS series are suitable for crushing of the injection molded parts, small bottles and canisters and other thin-walled products from the plastics industry.

WiPa kontinuierliche Guillotine Type WGA und WGDA

  • WiPa continuous guillotine cutters have been especially designed to shred fibres and textiles. Additionally, they can also process films, foils, fleece and nonwovens.
  • Agglomeration and Densification
  • WiPa Plast Compactors   


WiPa Plast Compactor Type PC

  • The WiPa Plast Compactor Type PC is an agglomerator for gentle densification of plastics with low bulk density, for example: fibres - film – stretch film – foamed materials – powder – fine particles
  • Bale Breaker/ Screw Shredder
  • Soaking Screw/ Pre-wash Screw
  • Friction Washer/ Friction Separator
  • Intense Cleaner
  • Mechanical Cleaner
  • Dry Cleaner
  • Dryer
  • Screw Press
  • Sink Float Tank
  • Thermal Dryer
  • Sifter
  • Magnet Separator
  • All Metal Separator
  • Ballistic Separator


WiPa Screw Shredder TYP WBB

  • The WiPa Screw Shredder is designed to break and loose pressed material bales, for example, PET-Bottle Bales. It is also possible, to pre-crush voluminous, porous or brittle materials like wooden pallets, plywood, porous building blocks etc.

WiPa Prewash Screw Type EWS/ DEWS 

  • The WiPa pre-wash screws are used to wash, rinse, soak and separate sinking contamination substances such as stones, sand or glass

WiPa Frictionwasher Type FW

  • The WiPa friction washer type FW is used for intensive washing and also for dewatering plastics.

WiPa Intense Cleaner, Dry Cleaner, Dryer  Type MD

  • The WiPa Intensive cleaner type MD can be used for cleaning plastics with water, but also for dry cleaning processes. Furthermore, the equipment can be used as a dryer. For example, after a washing line.

WiPa Screw Press Type SP

  • The WiPa screw press type SP is used for dewatering of plastics and synthetic materials.

WiPa Separation Tank Type H DEWS

  • The WiPa separation tanks type H DEWS serve to separate and divide a large variety of substances based on their specific density. For example, PE or PP from PET bottle flakes.

WiPa Sichtereinheit vom Typ WS und WK

  • The air classifiers of the WS and WK series serve to separate materials of different specific densities and/or sizes.

WiPa Thermal Dryer  Type WT

  • The Thermal Dryers of the WT series are continuous drying systems for plastics.
  • Extruder
  • Extruder components
  • Combination Lines
  • Cutter-Compactor-Extruder Combination
  • Screen Changer 
  • Pelletizing Systems
  • Extruder Downstream Equipment
  • Dosing Systems


WiPa Extruder Type PME

  • Extruder und Pelletizing Systems for different plastics.

WiPa Recycling System Type ZTE

  • WiPa develops with the Recycling System Type ZTE a pelletizing unit for most plastics. The most advanced pelletizing system!

WiPa Melt Filter Type WS

  • Continuously operating filter system with a very large sized cylindrical filtration area.

WiPa flat die press type WPP

  • Redefined pelletizing technology
  • Pulverizer/ Disc Pulverizer
  • Fine Granulators



  • The WP series pulverizer is designed for pulverizing rigid and soft PVC as well as LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, and different types of plastics, etc. Almost all types of plastic can be pulverized up to 500 microns.

WiPa Fine Granulator

  • The WiPa fine granulators of the FG series are designed for size reduction or pulverizing of plastics.
  • Big Bag Filling Stations
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Drag Chain Conveyor
  • Transport Fans/ Blowers
  • Conveyor Screws
  • Metal Seperator and Metal Detector
  • Sifters / Air Classifiers
  • Silos
  • Vibration Conveyors
  • Ballistic Separators


WiPa Big Bag Filling Station

  • High filling capacity and individual adjustment to different filling tasks



WiPa Conveyor belts and drag chain conveyors

  • Custom-built conveyor belts. WiPa offers conveyor belts and drag chain conveyors in a wide range of designs, lengths and widths. Multiple versions for light or heavy materials are available, as well as specialized belts and bale feed systems.

WiPa Transport Fans/ Blowers 

  • WiPa offers a wide range of conveyor fans for pneumatic conveyance. A compatible cyclone can be supplied for each conveyor fan, various designs are available.

WiPa Conveyor- and Dewatering Screws

  • WiPa offers a wide range of screw conveyors for transportation of plastic and synthetic materials. Screw conveyors are often used as dewatering screws in washing plants to separate processing water from the materials after a washing phase.

WiPa Metal separators and Metal detectors

  • WiPa offers a wide range of possibilities for automatical separation of ferrous metals, such as steel, as well as non-ferrous metals, such as aluminium or stainless steel. Additionally, WiPa also offers metal detectors that can be mounted to a conveyor belt as protection against foreign metal bodies, for example. 

WiPa Sifter Type WS and WK

  • The air classifiers of the WS and WK series serve to separate materials of different specific densities and/or sizes.

WiPa Silo Type S

  • The WiPa Silo type S is a modular construction that can be almost unlimitedly adjusted and extended according to individual requirements.

WiPa Vibration Conveyor

  • WiPa offers vibrating conveyors for a large variety of applications. A vibrating conveyor is a conveying element that enables feeding of a wide range of materials in an extremely consistent manner.
  • Programming
  • Process Control
  • Switch Cabinet Construction


WiPa etech

  • We plan and build switch cabinets and process controls for new or existing machines and lines.