The WiPa separation tanks type H DEWS serve to separate and divide a large variety of substances based on their specific density. For example, PET or PVC from PE or PP regrind.


Explanation, using the example of PP/PE separation in PET bottle recycling processes -> The pre-crushed material is fed into the separation tank below the water surface with the help of 2 screws. As PET is heavier than water, it sinks down to the discharge device for settling sediments and subsequently is discharged from the machine by means of a screw or drag chain conveyor. PP and PE on the other hand rise up to the water surface and are moved to the discharge for floating materials by a series of successive paddle drums. During this process they are repeatedly pushed under water to obtain separation of any PET particles still adhered. As a rule, a friction washer is placed downstream from the separation tank, because this allows for separation of large quantities of liquids from the material.


The WiPa separation tanks type H DEWS are available in various sizes and can be scaled up or down. Even after installation they can be adjusted to higher or lower throughput rates due to their modular and extendable design.


  • Effective separation of different specific densities
  • Extendable and customizable due to modular design – for example with regard to throughput capacity and materials
  • Dosage unit for density adjustment of the water, with salt for example, optionally available
  • Easy exchange of elements in case of materials changeover or possible damages