WiPa Screw Shredder

The WiPa screw shredder has been designed for breaking up for example PET bottles, pressed in a bale. This machine is intended to separate the bottles during the process without breaking them. Thus, individual and pressed bottles are now ready for downstream process steps like sorting.

The screw shredder type WBB is made for the pre-size reduction. For example, the pre-crushing of extremely bulky and voluminous material, as well as insulation material, wooden pallets, plywood, porous building blocks, fractioned baled material, bottles, bags and other plastic scraps.

The process

  • The material in bales falls onto screw shafts which work in pairs in the opposite directions
  • The bales are crushed by slow rotated screws
  • The shredding takes place in a shredder horizontally, along the whole length of the shaft
  • The shredded material is discharged through an outlet located at the front of the unit


  • Low operational costs, just periodically welding of the teeth
  • Extremely high percentage of the opened bags
  • Automatic reverse function, prevention of stopping caused by the jamming of material
  • Flexibility in range of applied material
  • Robust design
  • Low-noise operation due to low rpms of the shafts
  • Very high output rates