WiPa Big Bag Filling Systems

High filling capacity and individual adjustment to different filling tasks.

The sophisticated modular design and numerous combinable options enable bagging up of a wide variety of products and bulk materials fully automatically. The basic construction is made of well dimensioned, solid and stable sectional steel constructions.

Big bags with height of up to 2.5 m and weight of up to 2 tons can be filled almost dust-free. Octabins and other types of containers can also be used. The fillers can be fed in by means of a vacuum conveyor, a conveyor screw or pneumatic feeding devices. There is also the possibility to feed in from one or more storage silos.

Product features:

  • Modular design
  • Easy operation, cleaning and maintenance
  • High availability
  • Optimal ergonomic design of the workplace in accordance with safety regulations
  • Low-maintenance, solid design
  • Reliable automatic operation even while high-performance filling tasks
  • Volumetric and/or gravimetric controlled systems
  • Highest product quality due to integrated dust and/or magnet or all metal separator installed ahead, as well as over- and undersized particle separation.
  • The control system can be integrated into existing systems
  • Maximum filling capacity with high stability due to the option vibration table for material densification in big bags

Further partially combinable options:

  • Programmable sampler
  • Label printer for big bags´ labelling
  • Automatic unlock- and lockable loop holder with discharger
  • Rapid bag buckle or single-hand sack clasps
  • Filling head with inflatable sleeve, either with or without counterholder
  • Vibration table to densify the bulk materials and improve the stability of the big bags
  • Feedgate, dosing slider, dosing shutter or rotary valve to block off bulk materials
  • Dust flap to avoid trickling out of material
  • Inflation device to fold out the big bags
  • Integrated weighing technology to weigh from either a hanging or standing position. Either calibrated, non-calibrated or calibratable weighing
  • Adjustable height for feeding in the big bags either manually or electrically, for seamless adjustment to various container sizes and work positions
  • Available in a range of materials, e.g. steel and stainless steel
  • Optionally available in ATEX – versions for the various zones
  • Mobile or stationary design
  • Pallet management system with storage for empty pallets and electrically powered roller conveyors for pallet supply and removal
  • PLC control with profibus or ethernet interface. Upon request, operating data can be transferred to a superordinate system / control centre. Recipe management is also available The units can be adjusted to the ergonomic requirements of the operator
  • Distribution screw for filling position selection and dosage function
  • Extraction connection pieces for extraction of displaced and dusty air during filling. (Central extraction connection)
  • Approach / ram protection
  • Operator access platform
  • Full-detector for optimal filling of big bags
  • The loopholder can be automatically moved in the direction of the operator
  • The filling head can be automatically moved in the direction of the operator
  • Automatic, almost dust-free volumetric or gravimetric big bag filling, with or without inliner.
  • Rotary distributor ensuring the big bags´ complete filling and prevention of empty spaces in the upper area of the big bags
  • Automatic closure system
  • Rail system for big bag filling unit, enabling to fill big bags from several silos
  • Earthing system to avoid static charge in the filled big bags