Continously operating filter system with a very large sized cylindrical screen area.

The WIPA melt filter of the type WS is an automatic continuously operating backflush filter, which is used to filter out various impurities from thermoplastic material.

Caused by the special designed geometric channel as well as by the double and very large sized filter area, there only is a minimum pressure loss while backflushing and changing of the screen. Due to the flow channel construction and the short distances of the melt flow, quick changes in material and colour are ensured and lowest thermal variation is guaranteed.

The back flushing

During the process of backflushing already cleaned polymer melt is diverted and leaded from the reverse of the screen through the screen mesh. Because of this the screen is free rinsed and the impurities are carried out of the machine with help of an outlet.

This effective overall backflushing of the screen area reduces the loss of melt to a minimum and results in highest durability.

The cylindrical design

Due to the cylindrical design there is achieved a very large-scaled filter area with a substantial lesser space requirement than needed by every other screen changer in the market. As we are using this cylindrical filter area, the design of the screen changer is smaller compared with customary screen changers with a flat filter area.

The advantages in a summary:

  • smaller design, resulting in
  • lesser space requirement
  • lower spare parts cost
  • lower cost in energy (less heating)
  • more reasonable in price