Special materials do not necessarily require complicated solutions. WiPa machinery covers all areas of plastic/synthetic material processing. The complex demands upon the end product are continuously generating new synthetic materials, that can not always be processed by using conventional methods. In cooperation with our customers we work out best solution ways, if they are non-existent yet. In addition, the development of special-purpose customized installations as well as innovative solutions are realisable through our Research & Development Team.

If they do not already exist, we help our clients to find the right solutions. Our Research & Development Team can also develop customized installations and new products.

WiPa equipment for special plastics

  • Shredders - Shredding
  • Granulators - Size reduction
  • Continuously operating guillotines - Size reduction
  • Washers - Cleaning of synthetic materials
  • Dryers - Drying of synthetic materials
  • Plast Compactors, Agglomerators - Densification and production of agglomerates
  • WiPa DGS - Densification and production of granulates
  • Extruders - Pelletizing and production of granules
  • Screen changers - Filtration
  • Pulverizers - Micronization and production of powders