Due to increasing costs of raw materials, high-quality recycled materials are becoming more and more attractive as a low-cost secondary resource. Here it is important that the addition of the recyclate does not diminish the quality of the end product. Regardless whether we are talking about the edge strips, start-up waste, rejects or other sorts of production waste: Waste can be returned to the cycle of materials through the high-performing recycling applications. Worldwide, around 300 million tons of plastics and synthetic materials are produced each year, which are worth recycling. Approximately 25% of these are used in Europe.

The important points to keep in mind for a commercial and high-quality recyclate are:

  • High throughput capacity, also for high-volume input materials such as edge strips from foil production
  • Energy-saving systems such as the WiPa DGS System or our continuously operating guillotines.
  • Gentle recycling processes
  • Low maintenance, operational and personnel costs


WiPa equipment for processing of fibres, nonwovens and textiles

  • Shredders – Shredding
  • Granulators – Size reduction
  • Continuously operating guillotines – Size reduction
  • Pulverizers – Micronization and production of powders
  • Washers – Cleaning of Big Bags, for example
  • Dryers – Drying of materials made of plastic/synthetic fibres
  • Plast Compactors, Agglomerators – Densification and production of agglomerates
  • WiPa DGS – Densification and production of granulates
  • Extruders – Pelletizing and production of granules
  • Screen changers – Filtration