Foamed plastics/synthetic materials

Foams or foamed synthetic materials are characterised by their extremely low density, which makes the transportation of its waste uneconomical. However, due to their excellent useful properties such as their low weight and low thermal conductivity, they are more and more used throughout the industries.

Foamed plastics and synthetics can be found in all branches of industry, for example as packaging in the furniture or electronics sector, or as heat or acoustic insulation in the building or car industries.

WiPa equipment for processing of foamed synthetic materials

  • Shredders - Shredding
  • Granulators - Size reduction
  • Plast Compactors, Agglomerators - Densification and production of agglomerates
  • WiPa DGS - Densification and production of granulates
  • Extruders - Pelletizing and production of granules
  • Screen changers - Filtration